Unseen Painting

Title:Unseen Painting
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, speaker, recorded interview
Dimentions: 45cm x 23cm, 32cm x 27cm
Year: 2014 

2014 “WALD Fundraising 2014″TEXT/New Fiction” a

This is a project to paint based on the story of others, such as her/his favorite scenery, old memories, drawing of her/his childhood, lost objects etc. The artist paints by imagining what s/he saw with her/his eyes. The painting is exhibited with the interview of the person talking about her/his story. By placing the speakers behind the painting, the audience feels to hear the talk of the painting itself. Although my primary interest in art was painting when I first started, I lost the reason to paint at one point. Working on “Unseen Painting” made me to realize what seemingly an essential purpose of painting. Painting is not autonomous. Each painting has a specific person to whom it is directed.