another way: Stone, Love Letter, Telepathy, and Control

at the 13th Lyon Biennale “Rendez-vous15” (institut d’art contemporain / France).

Title: “another way: Stone, Love Letter, Telepathy, and Control”
Medium: video (single channel: 10min 51sec (looped))
Year: 2014

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A documentary like video account on a mysterious man making stone in his small shack in the mountain. While the man seems to make his living by collecting aluminum cans, other parts of his life are not explained in the video. The man says to the camera, “Something will happen once no one makes stone anymore,” and continue making stones. As the story proceeds, the audience’s way of seeing a stone changes. Furthermore, what seems to be the story of the stone maker gradually changes its perspective, and the audience starts to question what s/he might be seeing in the video. The video loops endlessly for the audience to keep finding different perspectives in it. By looping the story, the video seeks to resist the story to be fixed in one way or another.