Limited Words and Capture of the Toilet: Okinawa ver.

Title: “Limited Words and Capture of the Toilet: Okinawa ver.”
Material: video (single channel: 5min 54sec)
Year: 2013

2013 Solo Exhibition “Empty Sound Filled Voice sand, then the middle of it”, ARCADE/ Okinawa
– From the right, three versions of Korea, China and Okinawa are exhibited.

The video documents the artist asking people how to say “May I clean the toilet?” in traditional Okinawan language. The video shows Okinawa youth asking the elderly how to say because they never know it. Okinawa had been an independent kingdom until 1879.After amalgamation by Japan,their traditional language had been ban by the government.As one of Japanese who took their language away,artist cannot be free from the history.The video shows large political structure and the way how to approach the history.